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Chiron Moves to Birchgrove Featured

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At the beginning of 1973 Chiron College was given the opportunity by the Metropolitan Business College (MBC) to be set up as an independent non-profit company.

We had to find new premises as the building in Dalley Street was to be demolished. We found temporary accommodation in Macquarie Place in a building that had been vacated for renovation.

MBC was willing to purchase suitable premises for us to rent but we were having difficulty getting council permission. As MBC was about to change hands they had to withdraw their offer, but continued to support us with legal advice.

Charles and Barbara Blackman’s son Auguste had enrolled that year. When they heard about our problem they took up the challenge.

It was their generosity that resulted in us moving to Birchgrove and they continued to play a committed management and creative role until it closed.

Here Barbara recalls how it all came about.  


Philip Benham (left) with student Mark Crocker (right)
and other students resting after helping with renovations at Birchgrove during the winter of 1973
photo: Richard Harris


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