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Innovation & Leisure Time

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Innovative schools in Australia over the past century have shared three core values : individual development, an engaging learning environment and mutual respect.

None of these were core values in the schools set up during colonization.

Recognisable traits of what was main core then remain today: levels of learning are fixed by age, content by curriculum, environments to classrooms, and respect by status.

"The history of Australian schooling is a history of social control. From the beginning the purpose of schooling was to control the population. Schooling was never intended to foster the development of individual children." Susan Wight, Read More

and see just how manipulative and disrespectful the system has been!

The Abbott government's stand on education was made clear by it's educational consultant, Kevin Donnelly, a self-proclaaimed innovator, who wrote criticising Australia's educational establishment for being

"committed to progressive fads such as constructivism, open classrooms, inquiry-based learning and teaching generic competences" 

and the then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, agreed

"the history curriculum is substandard: it emphasises indigenous, Asian and environmental perspectives and it accepts uncritically educational fads including inquiry-based learning, where process takes priority over content."

While the current prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, promotes innovation and opposes over-regulation, we aren’t yet seeing actions with regard to either in Australian schools.

This however doesn't mean that we can't take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that 21st Century innovation in technology is creating!

We can ourselves set up online learning environments covering many areas of interest; encouraging curiosity and enquiry, creativity and innovation, and individual development in a friendly environment.

We can connect around the world!

Sound like a leisure-time activity or a career opportunity or both?

before you answer

see what Michael Casey has to say about 'The Creative Economy'. Watch Video


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