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Sunday, 12 November 2017 18:04

Hope For A Better Future

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Progressive Schools 1936



Writing in the Los Angeles "School Journal," on progressive education, Dr. F. Adams states:

The progressives hold that schools should be a place where children live as complete and natural a life as conditions will permit. Teachers should recognise that the intellectual, emotional, and physical life of the child are inherently inter-related, and should make adequate provision for the harmonious development of each element in the personality of the child.

School also should be a place where children are actively experiencing democratic living with sufficient interest, self-expression and responsibility, but with sufficient guidance to help them recognise the rights of the social group.

Each child is a unique entity, and should be treated as such.

Education should build upon the experiences and interests of the child, giving a significant place to play. The work of the school should have intermediate meaning and importance to the child as well as an abiding social value.

Finally, observes Dr. Adams, progressives believe that our social and economic as well as our cultural, conditions is life can be improved, and that the best place to begin is with the education of the child. It is this belief in the potentiality of children, together with a spirit of service, that makes teaching more than a mere profession.

To the progressive, it becomes a hope for a better future life.


Written Eighty One Years Ago. We're Still Hoping !



Sunday, 12 November 2017 12:37

Freedom of Thought Imperilled

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"There was less freedom of thought and expression in Australia today than there was in the nineties (ie. 1890s), the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Melbourne University Dr. G. L. Wood, said last night at a meeting of the Education First movement at Kew.

People, he said, were afraid of freedom of thought, particularly on education. The concepts of education and democracy were not married, as they needed to be, and the whole education system required to be put on a new basis."

"Teachers needed more training and of a different type, increased salaries and status and more respect from the community.....The system was custom-ridden, the curricula rigid and the classes hopelessly large."

"There was a lot of apathy and hypocrasy and futile bleating about education reform, but there was no real fighting for it as voters. There was no possibility of change taking place in our national education until apathetic parents took an interest in the matter. They were irresponsible about the training for life given to their children."

"It was only by a terrific majority of voters talking to politicians by ballot boxes that the urgently needed reform would come. Parents simply had not grown up and they thought the educational conditions of their day were quite satisfactory for their children."

"They had to bring an outdated education system into line with a modern world."

These quotes are Extracts from the 1945 Article : Full article

Sound Familiar ?

Today Action is Needed to Convince Communities and Governments That Our Education is A Travesty


Friday, 01 September 2017 16:28

Aptitude Tests Instead of Exams

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Aptitude Exams

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Seventy one years later Teaching to Testing Dominates in Schools!

Friday, 01 September 2017 15:52

Democratic or Fascist Education

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Fascist Democratic2

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Major General A.H.Ramsay was then the Victorian State Director of Education

He retired in March 1960 and was knighted next year.

He gradually became so disappointed at the militancy of teachers in state schools that he insisted his grandson should be educated at Scotch College, outside the system of which he had long been proud.

 Advocacy for such an approach in schools Continues Today because 64 years later It Still Hasn't Happened




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