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Investing in a 21st Century Education System Featured

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Businesses investing in a 21st Century Education System would help produce a ‘talent pool’ of young people with 21st century skills; and continuing to work collaboratively with Education Providers would ensure that their future needs as they unfold could be meet.

The New Education System needs to be developed with a New Mindset honouring New Core Values that empower creativity, individuality, self determination & respect for diversity. The old values, Conformity and Control, are now unproductive and disengaging.

As David Delmar points out : 

Traditional education is an investment opportunity that we ask our young people to make, every morning. Yet from the perspective of an investor, the product is over a century old, with few upgrades and no overhaul. And while the product continues to deprecate, the barrier to entry doesn’t deprecate along with it. The other investors in your community are withdrawing, because too few of them have seen any return. And the product was built with absolutely no regard for the actual needs of the market. So…would you invest?”

Education as investment: Engaging the disengaged | TEDxSomerville   Watch

The New 21st Century System must look towards supporting, not demanding, and engaging young people to develop as self responsible empathetic individuals ready to invest in the shaping of future education.

In his book Creating Innovators : The Making Of Young People Who Will Change The World  Wagner points out that a childhood of creative play leads to deep-seated interests, which in adolescence and adulthood blossom into a deeper purpose for career and life goals. Play, passion, and purpose: These are the forces that drive young innovators.

This is not a new concept.

It has been a fundamental understanding of alternate schools that have existed in Australian for over one hundred years. They were set up by small groups of people who were prepared to invest time and money to provide a better learning experience than the traditional school provided. Most haven’t made it into the history books on Australian Education because their life spans were cut short by prevailing conservatism. But their stories can still be told here on ChironPlus, supporting the growing number of voices advocating for a New 21st Century Education System now. 

We also Advocate for Engaging Students in the Designing of The New System


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